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Hotforex Review 2018 - Is Hotforex A Good Broker?

Headquartered in Mauritius, HotForex is a CFD Global and online forex broker that came into existence in 2010. What was once a small broker in the forex world, HotForex has made rapid strides in the recent years to become one of the largest of its kind today! The unique thing about this broker is its ‘customer-centric’ approach. Whilst a majority of brokers in the forex scene claim to provide services that are in favor of customers, not many of them practice what they say. However, with HotForex, this is not the case. In fact, to date, the broker has been able to deliver to its customers what it has been preaching.
The products and services that are provided by HotForex are all tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers. It is this kind of service that has helped the broker to gain a name for itself in this fast-changing industry. Today, HotForex is considered as a reliable broker and trustworthy.


Well-regulated Winner of…

Best Forex Broker Uk 2018 - Highly Recommended And Secure

There are quite a few things you need to look at before you select the best forex broker UK. For Example, you need to find out whether the chosen broker is compatible with the UK traders and regulations that are there within the country to operate peacefully. Similarly, you may also need to verify whether the platforms provided by the brokers are in English or not. It is also important that your forex broker is able to provide all kinds of assistance to you in English and more.

Taking into consideration all the above factors and many others, we have done extensive research and have come up with the best forex broker UK has seen in the recent times.

1. XM
A group of interbank dealers came together in 2009 in Cyprus to establish XM with an intention to improve and stabilize forex trading. Today, traders that are registered with XM can look forward to accessing not just forex markets but also CFDs and commodities. XM is registered with FCA in th…

Best Forex Brokers In Australia 2018 - Highly Recommended And Secure

Australians are fast catching up with forex trading and the country’s regulatory body, the ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investment Commission), is making sure that all trading activities carried out by the brokers and that involves Australians are done in a legitimate way and that the interests of brokers are well protected. Therefore, irrespective of where the broker is based, in order to trade in Australia, the broker needs to have a license procured by the ASIC. Some of the best Australian forex brokers not only have this license but also meet all other standards set by the regulatory body.

Here is a list containing the best Australian forex brokers who can help you make the most out of the dynamic market conditions today:

1. XM
XM is a leading online forex broker that is based in Cyprus. In opening an account with XM you can have access to forex markets, CFDs, and commodities. Being registered with various financial bodies across th…

Best Forex Broker Lowest Spread 2018 - Highly Recommended And Trusted Broker

When it comes to choosing forex brokers, there are many factors you need to look at. While most forex brokers do not charge any commissions for the services rendered to you, they make up for it through spreads. Here again, the actual spreads levied on you can vary, depending on the broker chosen by you. As a forex trader, your aim always has to be in buying at low rates and selling at high rates. This is why even half-a-pip can make a lot of difference to your chances.

To make easier for you, we have compiled a list of some the best forex brokers with low spreads.

1. XM
One of the finest online forex brokers available today, XM can help you trade not just in forex but also CFDs and commodities. Also, given that XM is registered with BaFin and FSA, you can be sure that your trading interests are protected by XM. Furthermore, the broker uses the Industry standard trading platform – Metatrader for providing all its services.

Pros: It is extre…

Best Forex Broker In Singapore 2018 - Highly Recommended And Secure

Forex trading has really kicked off in Southeast Asia as people are forever looking for ways to supplement their regular income. And given that some of the best forex brokers in the business are operating in this part of the world, people are just taking advantage of it. It is hard to believe but in Singapore alone, the average daily turnover of forex brokers is above $300 billion. It is not surprising then that Singapore ranks as one of the top-5 centers for forex trading in the world. The regulation for forex trading in the country is done by MAS (The Monetary Authority of Singapore). However, there are some forex brokers that are regulated outside, in countries where they’re established.

Singapore may be a small country but if you want to trade in forex, then you may need to consider a broker that has a global reach but with a strong presence in Singapore.
No doubt, regulation is something you need to consider seriously while evaluating top…